Marina Kienast Gobet and her love for Ovomaltine


Born in Sao Paulo (Brazil) to a Swiss father and Hungarian mother, Marina Kienast grew up in a multicultural family.

As food lovers, her parents taught her gastronomy by introducing her to flavors and smells of different origins, including the classics of the Swiss tradition!

Despite her love for culinary arts, new horizons open to her, and she travels around the world as part of her work as a model. She makes the front page of several women’s magazines: Vogue, Elle, Marie-Claire. She is also taking part in fashion shows for major fashion brands such as Giorgio Armani, Céline, Chloé, Yoji Yamamoto... 



A few years later, Marina Kienast changes careers because of her love for gastronomy and goes to Paris to follow cooking classes in prestigious institutions of the capital: Le Cordon Bleu and the École Lenôtre.

There, she meets her husband, Philippe Gobet, and decides to live with him in Paris.

After an internship at the restaurant Laurent (2-star Michelin) in Paris, she believes that her passion is indeed gastronomy and tries to combine her passion and her talent for literature. 

Ovomaltine and Raspberry cake
Marina Kienast Gobet creating recipes with Ovomaltine


In 2000, she becomes an international translator at the École Gastronomique Ritz-Escoffier and shapes her pen by writing culinary articles for Brazilian press such as Forbes, O Estado de Sao Paulo or the magazine Prazeres da Mesa for which she is the representative in France, with a monthly column.

In 2002, she becomes the presenter of the culinary TV show of the famous French Chef Joël Robuchon and travels throughout the country for the purposes of the shoots and discovers craftsmen of taste.

She also participates in the launching of the channel “Gourmet TV” as a presenter, whilst writing articles and recipes for the magazine “Cuisiner comme un grand chef”.

Multiplying her activities, she works in 2009 for the culinary e-magazine where she participates in different headings such as “Tout nouveau” where she writes articles on products. 



After giving birth in 2011 to her daughter Leticia and eager to offer her a fulfilling environment in her country of origin, she decides to settle in Switzerland and writes from time to time some articles for the culinary magazine “Prazeres da Mesa”, and would love to create recipes using Swiss products like Ovomaltine, that she particularly likes.